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Standard Features:

30-minute timer

Reversible massage direction

Adjustable massage pressure

Vibration with On-Off feature

Automatic massage pressure lowering

Treat specific area or full spine

Cervical gel roll

Knee bolster

Standard Top

Why A Legacy 500 IST Table?

    The Legacy 500 Is a TRUE Intersegmental Traction Table. In order to Bill for a IST table treatment you need to be able to raise and lower the Roller height,as well as document what level the rollers were on for the treatment.The Legacy 500 IST table has all those features,PLUS it will automatically retract to zero .The Legacy IST Table has a bell timer to indicate the end of the treatment.

       The Legacy 500 IST table has triangle,Three Roller configuration that lifts a separates each vertebrae.The 8 inch rollers are made of a very strong PTF compound that eliminates roller squeak and wear (hence the lifetime warranty on Rollers) The  Roller width is 8 Inches versus 6 inches,that's 2 inches larger than any other MFG roller.This means the Legacy 500 IST table gives your patient 2 inches more massage area.

    The Legacy IST Table has a superior Single Control Panel design, and even the panel placement is an improvement.The Panel was placed at the head of the table so that the Patients feet don't rub and break the panel when they get off the table,saving you Money on repairs! The Legacy Tables single control panel is easy to read and reach if you on the table or off to the side.The Legacy Chiropractic Table has a 10 to 30 Minute Automatic Shut off timer. The led indicator gives the height of the roller level,making it easy to get the same great massage .The control panel gives you easy access to the Legacy Tables  On/OFF ,Roller Height,Travel ON /OFF Roller Rotation Direction and Vibration On /OFF.

      The Legacy Chiropractic IST Table has 3 LARGE Commercial Grade Motors made to run continuously for your patient load.Some of the other MFG Brands have small motors with plastic gears ,Buyer beware!! The Legacy Table is 72 inches Long 24 Inches Wide and 24 Inches Tall with a weight of 320 lbs.The Legacy Table comes with castors on the bottom to easily move the table for cleaning or if a patient drops something behind it.The Legacy is rated for 400 lbs., only table in the industry at that rate. Every other table is rated for 300 lbs.

With all these great features it is easy to see why the Legacy 500 IST tables

is the #1 Chiropractic IST Table selection !

Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction

The Longest Travel Length

The Widest Rollers

Commercial Grade Motors etus

Face Slot Top

Extra Wide Top

Castors To Move the Table Easys

Optional Features:

Reverse side control Panel Location $200

Therapy top with Face Slot  $100

27 Inch= Extra Wide Top $100

220 V to 110  International Voltage   Transformer mounted Inside Table


Discounted Pricing Discounted Pricing Discounted Pricing Legacy 500 IST Table Types
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Standard Table  Dimensions

72 Long x 24 Wide  x 25 Tall

Extra Wide Table  Dimensions

72 Long x 27 Wide  x 25 Tall