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Mt Manual Flexion Table Standard Features:

Padded arm rest

Paper attachments

24" wide cushions

Caudal and lateral flexion

Axial rotation

Variable speed electric flexion

Adjustable stroke

Electric extension

Fixed height — specify 22"- 30"

Tilting head

MT Auto Flexion Table

Optional Features:

Upgraded Upholstery   

Cervical Drop Forward (Thompson style) Cervical Drop Straight (Toggle)

Thoracic Drop

Lumbar Drop

Pelvic Drop

Variable Height  

Spring Return Abdominal Break Away  Deluxe CBP Style Head Piece

Auto Flexion Table

The MT-Auto Flexion Distraction Table combines high-quality and affordability with unmatched dependability. Standard features on this Auto flexion table are a tilting head, variable speed control and ankle strap. Customize this MT Auto flexion Table to match you technique by including drops, or a breakaway for pregnant patients. A variable height motor 22 to 30 inches ,can also be added to this great Auto flexion table.

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