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MT Tables is centrally located in Aurora, Missouri. MT Chiropractic Adjusting Tables carries a full line of Intersegmental Traction tables, Variable Height adjusting tables and Flexion Distraction chiropractic adjusting tables. MT Chiropractic adjusting Tables is licensed and insured company with quality and affordability as our first priority.

MT Chiropractic Adjusting Tables

   MT Chiropractic Adjusting Tables provides a ONE Year limited warranty when you purchase your adjusting  Table. MT Chiropractic Adjusting Tables guarantees are that for a period of one year, your adjusting Table will be free of defects in parts and workmanship. For twelve months if, in normal use, a part is found to be defective or breaks, MT Chiropractic Adjusting Tables will replace the part at their option. This DOES NOT cover broken parts caused by MISUSE or Damage from a Patient being overweight  .If a part is found to be defective during the One Year warranty period, , MT Chiropractic Adjusting Tables will replace the part ,any ups or freight charges will be the responsibility of the product owner.  

   MT Chiropractic Adjusting Tables does not have a Labor warranty for part installation or repair. This applies to both international and USA table sales. If there is a Need for ANY replacement or Warranty Part, the Dr. will pay the inbound shipping cost .In the Event the MFG requires the part to be Returned, The customer will also pay any return shipping cost.  There are NO MFG’s that cover labor warranty!

The exceptions to the one year limited warranty is upholstery,which does Not carry any warranty.

MT Tables Warranty Policy

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